Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Conference 5th April - BOOK NOW

Did you take a look at our recent Exhibition?  Did you visit in person or look at the images on our website?
(please click here to see, if not)
Part of the process with submission of work to be selected, involves taking photographs of work.  Do you need to take photos of your textile work?  Is it needed for submission to events?  For publicity/posters? For your own records or to share with others near and far?
Are you concerned about how to take the best photos possible, what is involved? Then sign up for our next Conference.

Saturday 5th April 2014
'Photographing your Textiles'
Hemingford Golf and Conference Centre
Non Members very welcome
at a cost of £29 which includes refreshments/lunch

Do come and join us, find out about the ERTF, we can assure you of a warm welcome.

Monday, 3 March 2014


"Eastern Images"
Exhibition closes end of Friday 7th March 2014

The selected exhibition by Members of the Eastern Region Textile Forum, comes to an end this week.  If you've not seen it, do go along.  Interpretation of the title has been varied and exciting, with many pieces sold and commissions taken.
The Meet the Maker Days were successful.

Public gave permission for use of their images

During the course of a Meet the Maker session, this visitor appeared
Dry Needlefelt demonstration by Tricia Fowler

If you can't get along to the Exhibition itself, please visit our website where you can find images of the pieces on show.