Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Do you Want to Sell?

During the very first conference we drew up a list of the members’ priorities for ERTF and extremely high on that list was the opportunity to sell work. Since then the committee have been working towards meeting this priority – firstly by establishing an exhibition programme, secondly by creating a gallery on the website and now, in a third ‘prong of attack’, by putting our textile art in direct contact with the everyday consumer. To do this we propose to take a stall at one of the art, craft and design shows in the Summer of 2011 and then, if this is successful, to set up an ERTF Textile Art Event the following year which will enable our members to take their own stall (or to share one amongst a group or with a friend) to sell their work.

Needless to say organising these events will be extremely time consuming so it is important to us that the membership supports, and wants, this initiative to enable us to gauge reaction to this project please could you e-mail;-

Yes to ERTF Sales project or No to ERTF Sales project.

to Chris Spencer @ chrissythreads@hotmail.co.uk.