Monday, 7 March 2011

Essex Day Out Friday 4th March

Essex Rep, Janette Bright,organised an ERTF day at The Foundling Museum where the exhibition Threads of Feeling has just ended. Janette is a bit of an expert both on the history of the museum and the "tokens" left with the children by their mothers. I was pleased to see that she was credited in the book on the exhibition. About 20 of us went round the exhibition with Janette as our guide and we acquired quite a few hangers-on as we went around! Janette is an informed, interesting and passionate speaker on this speaker which made the day very special. Members came from Essex Cambridge and Herts and as usual eating was involved in a very good cafe attached to the museum and, as usual, I didn't take any photos to liven up this blog. Photography wasn't allowed so there is a scan of the accompanying book for a bit of colour and an image taken from the website.