Tuesday, 19 February 2013


20th April Conference - there are a couple of things pending on the Conference but please be aware, information on tickets will be published on the website within the next few days. Check diaries, start planning, there is a lot of exciting information to impart on this day. I will post here as soon as I've added it to the website.  Remind your friends to take a look.

ERTF Selected Exhibition - this is coming along in terms of planning, a few elements to finalise.  The Exhibition Committee has been very hard at work on this.  Details of the Exhibition are to be launched at the April Conference.
However, you can be making pieces for selection right now, no need to wait.  The theme is: "Eastern Images"
The exhibition is only open to Members, but we welcome anyone to join us as a Member, please do so by 20th April 2013.  For membership information contact member1@ertf.org.uk

Remember keep checking back here for ticket announcements, updates will also be flagged up on the bullet point listing on the front page of the website

Beverley - ERTF Web Manager   website1@ertf.org.uk