Friday, 7 June 2013

New Website - Progress Report

Members, as you are aware we are in the process of constructing a new website.  Things have been happening in the background, but I thought I'd update you with today's news.
If you don't know already, every Member will have their own Gallery Page, free. A place to add photos of your work and summary information about yourself and your textile art practice.  I want each of you to take up the opportunity, you all have something to say about your work.
Today I've been testing this Gallery to see how to add/delete photos, change my bio information, add my website link.  I can tell you its going well, and I'm pleased with what I've seen so far.

So, we are progressing.  In the meantime start thinking about your own Gallery, your images, and biography, so when the time comes, you can join in with this new development.  And don't worry, as the ERTF Website Manager, its my role to help you with the techy stuff!

Beverley -