Sunday, 8 November 2009

Letchworth Conference

Just thought I would write a quick update of yesterday's very successful ERTF conference at Letchworth. After the usual tea, coffee, and welcome we were introduced to Clare Hunt who gave a talk about Southend's Costume collection and about textile conservation - a reminder also of how we should think about our own contemporary work, especially when choosing which materials to use.

This was followed by the Membership Spotlight, when Liz Holliday talked about her work - it was a real "whirlwind tour" but very interesting and enjoyable. I think one point which particularly stuck in my mind is how we should all strive to be "true to ourselves".

The talks were followed with information about the Owen Jones Exhibition 2010, Jersey 2010 and the new membership challenge, and of course lunch; which gave members a chance to talk about the morning. Info on all these will go on the ERTF website, if not already there.

And then to round the afternoon off we were introduced to speed networking; which ended up being a really good way of talking to people who you may previously not have spoken to, finding out what inspired them and really learning a lot about the diversity of the membership. At the end we had a chance to see the work of those we did not have time to "formally" network with.

I know some people took photos on the day, so hopefully these will get posted on the blog or in the member's newsletter, but I think I can honestly say ERTF achieved another success over the weekend - well done to all who helped with the organisation and running of the event.