Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Essex Textile Oppotunity

I've put details on the Members page under Essex Opportunities re the chance to be involved in a Textile Art Project - and be paid!!!  It has a tight deadline for application though - Monday 12th December.

I thought I should point out to you all the source of such information - its from the Arts Development Officer of (in this case) Essex County Council.  I am subscribed to e-Newsletters from the County Council, they send me information about all sorts of art events/opportunities in the entire County.  My local Council also has an Arts Officer (I know not all do) and I also get regular e-Newsletters from there too, applicable to our area.  if anyone wants the contact for the Essex County Council, let me know.
But I'd advise you all to search out your own local, county, borough, city councils for the Arts Development Officer or Arts/Leisure Department as this kind of news bulletin may well be available to you.