Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Information for Members

Members - I have updates of information for you.

Colour Conference - we have just attended an excellent conference on colour, and as promised a book list has been provided by our speaker - please go to the Members section of our website log in, and look under Conferences for the information.  Can I request that any suitable photos of the day, be sent to me to be added to the website: Beverley    Thank you.

6th Members' Challenge has been launched full details of this again are to be found on the website, please look under Challenges and/or contact your Area Rep for more information.

Our next Exhibition  planned for 2013 and some way off as yet, but you might like to start thinking about it - the title of the Exhibition will be:  "Eastern Images".  As and when further information is available it will be made known to you.  Don't forget to check the righthand menu with listings of forthcoming events.