Friday, 9 March 2012

Suffolk Textile Art exhibition March

TAGS [Textile Art Group Suffolk] has put up an exhibition at Woodbridge Library for the month of March.

Work varies from hand stitching, painted canvases, woven tapestry, hand made paper art to more traditional forms of embroidery.

Members have also made Artists Directories, each page,includes a sample, for each artist.

There are 20 in the group, so 4 each makes quite a lot for Sale.

Members made the original stitched book covers, so the books are all individual and show various techniques.

These four below are mine, pop along and see others that are even more accomplished!

It's a lovely light little library, [with parking] and anyone belonging to a Suffolk library can take a book out there and return it to their own library.

Woodbridge is always worth a visit too.