Monday, 13 September 2010


I made my 4th visit to this exhibition today! This is a post I made sometime in August but thought that it would be worth re posting as the exhibition finishes this week so there are only a few days left to see it.........

The weather forecast for today was rain, but despite that as I couldn't get to the private view I decided today was the day for a visit to O2 Exhibition at RHS Hyde Hall .

Eileen Beales- Snowy Day

Chris Bojan - Twitter

Chris Bonnet - Avocet- Norfolk

Zoe Cox - Portrait of a Poppy III

As usual I wasn't disappointed their work is inspiring and as 9 of the 14 members belong to ERTF I thought you might like to share some of their work here. The images do not do the beautiful work justice, so if you can, get along and see for yourself!

Wendy Greene -Tea in the Garden & strawberries Sugar & Cream

Rita Johnson - Poppy Heads

The exhibition is there until 16th September Hyde Hall is a lovely garden with a really good shop and 2 restaurants, if you do not belong to the RHS please don't be put off by the entrance fee, there is lots to see apart from the O2 exhibition, it is easy to spend the day wandering in the gardens.

Tabatha Mitchel-Simons - Wild and Carefree

Elizabeth Nicholls - Too Many Pieces

Dot Reed - Autumn Jacket

This is a very small sample of the work!
(please note that if any other ertf member is having an exhibition we are always happy to promote it on this blog and the website - email me my details are on the ertf website under committee contacts- website)