Friday, 17 September 2010

Tea and Textiles in Essex

Today, ERTF member Julie opened her beautiful home and garden in the village of Goldhanger, Essex for a day of tea and textiles. As well as ERTF members plenty of friends and family dropped by as well and by the end of the day we had made over £140 for the group funds. The weekend before Goldhanger had had its own celebrations so Julie's front room had been turned into an old bakery (apparently the house had been the local bakery in the past). So for the first time, I expect, Denise of Craft Arena, Barleylands had to share a shop with loaves of bread.

As well as Denise's shop there were lots of textiles items around the house, cakes (real and textile), our own "bits and pieces" shop and a swap area - people could bring something and take something else home. Of course, like always, I was so busy talking I didn't get around to taking many photos, but I hope those that are here give a flavour of the day.

Thanks must go to all the members who came or contributed, and non-members who came/helped out today (especially Julie's friend Jo who seemed to have her hands in the washing up bowl for a lot of time), Julie's husband, who not only makes a really good ginger cake but (dressed as a baker) drew the raffle and generally made himself very useful, Denise for bringing her shop, but especially to Julie.

Here's to the next one!