Sunday, 6 September 2009

Exhibition Setup and Sewing Support Services

Well the exhibition is now hung, and if I say so myself, it looks a really good exhibition, so for all those who contributed very well done. Unfortunately I am not going to be at the private view, due to a prior engagement, but I would recommend going if you can, and if not to try and get up and see the exhibition while it is on - you won't be disappointed. Above are some quick previews.

Those involved in the setting up have worked very hard, and having worked on exhibitions myself before, it is often the "off the scenes" work that can be the hardest. Setting up was quite enjoyable with a good team working together.

However special thanks should go to the "sewing support services", the men who though perhaps having very little interest in textile art (though perhaps I am wrong here), turn up and help lift, carry, fix and even make the tea. Thanks to George, Dave, Simon and John - we couldn't have done it without you.

Oh - and don't forget there is also a really good shop with some really nice bits and pieces in it, (see above top, left).