Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Owen Jones at The V and A

A group of 6 ERTF members made a visit today to the V&A, I'm sure that they will all agree that Caroline arranged a very well organised day. We met at 11 then spent an hour and a half looking at the two rooms which contained some of his works, this gave us all a chance to get a feel of what was to come! After lunch we had two hours in a room of our own where we were presented with books and boxes of Owen Jones designs, there were also 4 designs that were sold at auction by the Warners Archive in the 1970's, the fabrics from these designs are still held by Warners. Photography was allowed, but sadly I cant put these images up as they are only for my own use. It was a very inspiring day, I came away with lots of ideas for future projects, I'm sure that the rest of the group did too! There will be more opportunities to study Owen Jones either at the V&A or at Warners Archive. Register your interest by going on the website all the details are under Committee Organised Miscellaneous events!